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We offer customized math tutoring to students in Grades k-12. Students can get homework help, review and prep for upcoming tests and fill their knowledge gaps through remedial learning. 


Our reading & writing program is specifically for elementary and middle school students (Grades 4 - 7). In our high-energy classes, we help students strengthen their writing skills by presenting them with unique, interactive, and engaging situations beyond their classroom experiences.

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Learning French as a Language is  specifically designed for students in the Core & Extended French programs. It starts by helping you develop a strong basic foundation in French. We then tackle all the different grammar concepts, while building an extensive vocabulary repository, through exercises, reading, writing, and conversations.

Registration for our 2020-2021 Reading & Writing Program is now OPEN! Sign up today!

Changing mindsets one student at a time...

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01 Cultivating Curiosity 

Questions & curiosity are a magnetic duo that draws us towards learning and surpasses ALL the fancy tech & buzzwords in the field of education. And, at Curious Minds Learning Hub, we strive to create a nurturing inclusive atmosphere to ensure that students are confident to ask all types of questions.



Because there are NO right or wrong questions ever! And it is curiosity that drives us to ask the hard questions about what we are learning and WHY?!?


In our learning hub, we have the guts to challenge our students, perplex them, and evoke real questions during their learning journey. It is through this magnetic duo (aka questions & curiosity) that we tailor robust lessons using blended instructions. 


At Curious Minds Learning Hub cultivating curiosity comes first!

02 Overcoming Failure 

While working with students, a topic that comes up time and again (sadly) is the fear of failure, the fear of disappointment when not understanding concepts. In our learning hub, we start by reprogramming that mindset by teaching them that not knowing is not equal to failure.


Failure is not a permanent condition.


In fact, it’s the first step to understanding! Students should embrace learning as a messy and inevitable process of trial and error either when writing their first essay paragraph, solving that multi-step math problem, or having a conversation in French! Throughout their learning journey, our students experience a mindset shift wherein education is more than just going to school. It also involves experiential learning, embracing failure, and developing and empowering their voice.

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03 Building Resilience 

Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”


- Nelson Mandela



Adversity does not discriminate. And oftentimes failure is required to promote resilience. Read that again.


We truly believe that a student’s ability to learn is not fixed! It changes with their effort. With a mindset shift in action, we help students build resilience that will help them beyond their learning journeys here at Curious Minds Learning Hub. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is resilience. Throughout their learning journeys, we encourage students to identify and share their stressors, think of what their typical response would be, and brainstorm alternative response patterns. Learning how to positively empower oneself is crucial for self-reflection and this trait will help them throughout life!


What they are saying...

My children, Asil & Marwa, have been getting tutored for Math and English for the past 2 years. The tutoring experience has been fabulous and outstanding👏👏 The overall tutoring experience has been helpful and I have seen many changes in my children's learning in this time. We are so happy and thankful 🙏 I would definitely recommend it to others because the teachers are fabulous! Extra ❤️





—  Abdul Ghafary, A proud parent




Dear students, we want to meet you where you are in your learning journey and help you navigate to where you need to go. In our initial consultation, you start with a FREE customized assessment to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and your overall learning challenges.

The result? We’re able to identify your challenges and pinpoint skill areas that you need to focus on. These assessments don't stop there! They are given regularly throughout the learning journey to ensure that YOU are progressing consistently.



Next, we curate a personalized learning program based on the challenges and skill areas that were identified in the initial assessment + YOUR overall learning goals. These learning programs will be dynamic to ensure that you are always learning, feeling challenged, and building your overall confidence!



We use a variety of tools including Zoom, whiteboards, and screenshare to make our virtual interactions magical and build a real connection. Depending on what you're into, we focus on cultivating curiosity, overcoming failure, building resilience, and boosting skills while you're closing those knowledge gaps. We also ask you to spill the tea on your learning goals! We want to work with you hand in hand to ensure that your learning journey is actually FUN and productive!

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